The carnival week

Wednesday, 08/03/2017

In February we had an alternative week.
The students had a lot of workshops. They have worked very diligently.
There were workshops where the students designed beautiful outfits and there was a event group and many more.  The students have all worked together and showed that there are a good team.

16640915_1575566779135224_8261601610632659153_nOn Thursday evening the students had a show.
There they presented their work. In the show there was a dragon and a lot of dancing.
The students showed that with a lot of fun and motivation they really made a nice show.
It was a beautiful evening. The week was also a very good week for me, because my best friend was visited me in Skals. 16508188_1572224406136128_4511782393188008918_n Karnevalwoche

Christmas at SKALs

Friday, 16/12/2016

Christmas at SKALs Efterskole is very cozy and very nice. With the international club we have already baked quite a lot of tasty cookies. We also took the recipe from my great grandma. The biscuits tasted very good, because I like to remember my great grandma .


In Decemeber we went to Aarhus and visited “DEN GAMLE BY”. It was very nice and it was a lot of fun. The lights were so beautiful to watch and slowly I was put into a Christmas mood. The closer the time comes to the holiday, makes me more happy to come home to my family to celebrate Christmas with them! All of the student’s dorms are so sweetly decorated and I tried to make my room cozy for me as well. We had a small Christmas celebration with the International Club and ate the cookies we made and we drunk Christmas tea. On Monday evening we will have our Christmas party and on Tuesday we will all sing together in the church. I’m looking forward to it! We have practiced diligently and it is always fun to sing with everyone.


Christmas at SKALs is so beautiful, thanks to the teachers. The students enjoy the time as well. The kitchen staff made a delicious christmas dinner for us. I wish everyone a very nice, cozy Christmas, enjoy your time and be glad to have your family and friends with you. ♥

Copenhagen/København – 02/11/2016

Saturday, 05/11/2016 kopenhaaaagen-titelbild

On Wednesday I was spontaneously invited to go to the capital of Denmark. I was very happy. In the morning at 5 am the bus left for the Copenhagen with the Vietnam students and their hosts. After four hours we were in the big capital. It is a very nice city. In the beginning we were in the castle Rosenborg.img_9803



We could also look at the inside of the castle. It was very nice and antique. After that we were eating delicious food in the restaurant paper. Lisbeth and I ate sweet food and it was delicious. In the afternoon we went on a boat trip across the canal and saw the sights from the water. It was very nice and the city was charmed by the different houses and the mass of water.img_9950


After the boat trip we still had time to go shopping in the city. We ate delicious chocolate. In the evening there was a delicious food buffet in the restaurant.bild-vietnam

 I enjoyed the day very much and was glad to be in the capital of Denmark!

Pigerweekend/Girlsweekend – 08/10/2016

14601124_1386398248052079_5367912051607289598_nSaturday, 05/11/2016

On the second weekend in October we had a boys/girls weekend. I participated in the Girlsweekend. First we went to a school and put our things there. Then the girls could climb and dance with Michelle and I.

It was very fun and the girls had a lot of fun to 14633706_1386397788052125_1599027792926917869_odance to highschoolmusical.

The gym was small but perfect for dancing. At noon we went to a swimming pool. There we could do wellness and also go swimming. Outside there was a beautiful sauna area with a fire and a whirlpool. In the large sauna there was always incenses with music and that was so relaxing. We could also eat delicious fruit and water with melons and pineapple flavor. In the evening we ate burgers and fries. When the bus brought us back to the other school, the girls were very quiet and so tired. The swimming and the sauna had made the girls tired. In the evening we watched two more films. The girls actually slept quite well and the next morning was a delicious breakfast made for us by a few of the girls. We all had breakfast and then the cleaning began. At 12 o’clock on Sunday the bus drove us back to SKALs Efterskole. The weekend was very relaxing and I had a lot of fun. Tak piger!

20.09.- 23.09.2016 Berlin – back in Germany

Sunday, 09/10/2016


Our trip to Berlin was fantastic.On Tuesday morning we got up very early and we were all tired. But everyone had been looking forward to the upcoming days. The atmosphere was good. During the first hour, most students just slept in the bus. In the afternoon we arrived at Sachsenhausen concentration camp and we had a guided tour. It was very interesting, but very sad at the same time.


In the evening, we were all tired at our hostel in Berlin Mitte. We went to Alexanderplatz and the students were able to walk around by themselves. The teachers and I ate a nice kebab and I was glad to be back in Germany. I could understand everything on the streets again, it was an unfamiliar feeling.14390790_1366053430086561_4212321117874374895_n

On Wednesday morning we had a guided tour of Berlin. We saw ‘Brandenburgertor’, ‘Holocaust – Mahnmal’ and other important places. Our tour was in German and I understood everything perfectly. After lunchtime, Michelle and I climbed in Berlin Mitte with the students. That was great and a lot of fun.img_2240 Michelle is at the school for 8 weeks and is training herself in teaching, so that next year she is ready and trained as a teacher. In the afternoon, Michelle and I went shopping. For me, the highlight of the day was the ‘Theater des Westens’. We watched the musical ‘Tanz der Vampire’ and it was impressive. The stage and the voices of the actors were amazing. The next day (and the last whole day in Berlin), we went to the ‘Gruselkabinett’ in the morning. It was very scary and I screamed very loudly. My group and I kept holding hands and together we managed. In the afternoon Michelle and I went for a shopping tour and the students went to different museums. In the evening the teachers, Michelle and I had dinner and the food was so delicious.14449877_1368394743185763_8366237168501893156_n

It was just so much fun. On Friday morning we went to the East Side Gallery and at 10 am we were on our way back to Skals. I was so tired, I almost slept the whole bus journey. The trip to Berlin was so good and I had a lot of fun. The funniest thing was when I stood at the checkout and simply speak English, because I have spoken English for the last 3 months… and then I realized, you’re in Germany, you can speak German. Tina and Michelle were always amused when I mixed English and German and when I forgot some German words.

14445157_1366629103362327_3851896863122229439_oThat’s probably all. Thank you to the students and teachers for this great trip. I laughed a lot and the group feeling was so amazing. I was very happy to be a part of this tour. I am very proud that everything worked out well and the students were so lovely! Stay as you are and I look forward to more happy memories!

My weekend with the Ehrenreich family

Thursday, 15/09/2016

The first weekend in September I was at the teacher Vicky’s house. She invited me and I accepted the invitation with pleasure. On Friday we went from school to her house. She has a sweet house, near Silkeborg. We first drank coffee and ate cake. Vicky bought bread and we had a snack with bread and various cheeses.14218061_1137338526312920_1830947922_n

I love bread with camembert and marmalade. After that, I was a bit full. We drove with Vicky’s daughter Enya and the dog Donna to Silkeborg. Donna is so sweet and we became friends very quickly. First we went for a walk in a dog park in the center of Silkeborg. Then we went to the city center and had a look at the shops. The city is very nice, because almost everywhere you can see water from the lakes. The Danish people are so proud of their country and the shops often use the Danish flag.14182299_1137338619646244_967556190_n


In the evening we ate all together and had a nice talk. The family was so welcoming and the Brazilian exchange student with Enya was very lovely and open. I got on very well with everyone. We began to watch a film, but I was so tired from the day and the week that I almost fell asleep, so before the end of the film I went to bed.14249010_1137338312979608_123027191_n

On Saturday morning Vicky made me a tasty breakfast, consisting of scrambled eggs and toast. After breakfast we all drove to Aarhus. We visited a museum (Den Gamle By). It was so cool and amazing. You could easily imagine life in the past. The old houses were very nice and we ate pastries. It was very fun and very varied for me.
I thank Vicky and her lovely family for the nice weekend, I enjoyed it very much!

Museum in Viborg 1/09/2016

Monday, 12/09/2016

We went to the museum in the morning. There was a lot of old pictures on the walls. The picture frames were very ancient but very beautiful. 
IMG_3545The museum is an old house in Viborg. It was very warm in the rooms and the students of Skals Efterskole occupied almost the whole museum. The task was to analyse your favorite images in groups. I took pictures and let the images affect me. IMG_3519

The pictures looked very close to reality and had beautiful colors and contrasts. At the end we took a group picture in front of the church. I enjoyed it a lot, it was fun to take pictures and watch the motivated students. The pictures of us by the church look super.


The first month in SKALs

Thursday, 01/09/2016

Now I’ve already been at SKALs Efterskole for a month. The first month went very well. I had a lot of fun. The food is very varied and tasty. Bente, Lis and Vibeke make the food with love.

Tak for mad !

The day before yesterday we were in the theater and I was quite impressed. It was about important decisions in life. The two actors involved the audience and it was very mysterious. I can describe the play as bad, but it was very nice to look at. In the last fewweeks I have learned a lot and am still very motivated. I got a packet from my favorite grandma with a lot of candy and a nice letter from my mum too.    14171910_1134763416570431_1139515847_nYes, I miss my family and friends a bit. Nevertheless, I know that in October I will see my loved ones again. I am really looking forward to the trip to Berlin, because the planning of the journey has now got to the final stages. I’m going to be more and more strengthened in my desire to be a teacher.


Today two students and I did the storytelling at 8.oo am in the morning. The storytelling was about the political system in Germany. The students were very interested and I was very proud of the students Mathias and Christian.IMG_3448IMG_3461I look forward to spending more time here and I am glad to be a part of the year 2016/2017 at SKALs Efterskole.

The theme weekend

Monday, 29/08/2016 14102309_1337219762969928_8444496645670238672_n

The weekend was very awesome and cool. The campsite were near the fjord. We slept in tents and the students built their tents themselves. In the evening we made a campfire and we sang and laughed all together. We biked to the campsite. In the evening, the students made their own dinner. It was very tasty and I was very proud of the students.



On Saturday, there were many activities at different stations for the students. The students had a lot of fun. The weekend shoved teamwork and how much the students love eachother. I was glad to be a part of this weekend.


Lovely week with many activities

Thursday, 11/08/2016

On Sunday, the students arrived. They are all very open and warm. I was only a little nervous, but on Sunday night, the nervousness was over. We had a lovely week with many activities and I had to learn to get attetion from the students and be respected by them.


The students are very nice to me and very interrested in my life in Germany. After the few days that I have spent here I can say that the boarding school concept is very awesome and ingenious . I think it’s so nice to see how well the teachers and students harmonize. The students feel very welcome at Skals Efterskole .14054198_1325986054093299_6962081777911129296_nI’ve learned a little danish and I would like to expand it . I am glad to be able to make this experience and look forward to the next six months. It can be seen as a good community. The games that encourage teamwork have pleased me a lot. Students learn to anticipate each other ’s actions.


The joint cleaning of the school is productive because you can see all the dirt yo u have caused. The cleaning lets the students conscientious deal with filth and garbage. The week was not boring at all. I can learn many things for myself. Doing sport together keeps all students and teachers fit. I look forward together to further joint13882189_1316956194996285_6512949420670460781_n singing and dancing lessons with everyone!

Jeg er glad fordi jeg er here !